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Constant cake craving…

Hello my loves, Another week, another week of my diet. Yuck. I’ve currently just finished a stint at bootcamp… and I thought I was going to die. I threw up, I cried, I got covered in mud, I screamed, I shouted, I swore more times than I’ve ever sworn in my life… it was hell on earth. And now I can’t walk, I can’t get up the stairs, I can’t go to the loo, I can’t do anything… it’s a very depressing state of affairs. I lost 4lbs in two days, and to be honest, I don’t even care. I watched a documentary on bad language (with Stephen Fry, and it was on the BBC, so it means it was legit…), and one part was about if you swore while in pain, you could deal with it for longer. With that in mind, I have sworn while going upstairs, I have sworn while trying to get out of bed… the air has been turned blue in our house since I got back. It’s like I’ve got Tourette’s.

Anyhoo, not only am I recovering from bootcamp hell, I’m also using a few other things to help me stop eating cake so bloody often. One of which is FullFast, which is a natural appetite suppressant that curbs your desires for all things sweet (and savoury). When you start feeling the need for Mr Kipling’s finest, you just spray this three times underneath your tongue (you can use it up to five times a day – I used it five times in the first morning I used it). It’s £23.95 for a month’s worth, but my God, is it worth it. Check out www.fullfastonline.co.uk for more info and stockists.

FullFast It gives you a feeling of, well, indifference. I felt that once I used it, I wasn’t sure if I was hungry, but I couldn’t really pinpoint what I wanted, so I didn’t even to find out. A cup of green tea later, and I’d forgotten that I was in need of a snack at all. Bonus. Think I’ll be using it again in the run up to my wedding, as when I get stressed, I eat. A lot. Ooops. Anyhoo, best be off. I need to hobble to the kitchen to get some gin to numb my pain. Aaaaaarrrrggghhhhhh…. Laters, E xx

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