“The published evidence suggests FULLfast appetite control spray is a safe and effective aid to weight loss in conjunction with a calorie controlled diet. Tests show it can reduce feelings of hunger and is more effective than dieting alone in reducing BMI.”
Dr A Hudson MBBCh FCEM

Everyone knows that controlling hunger and cravings is essential to losing weight, but too often the battle against excessive hunger undermines our willpower and impulsive snacking takes over. FULLfast helps naturally reduce appetite to help with dieting programmes and inch-loss goals – and all it takes is 3 sprays, 5 times a day.

Still curious? Check out the diaries of other people who have provided their own FULLfast testimonials for us…

Diary Shot 7
Vicky, 24 from London
I have tried lots of diets in the past but always find controlling how much I eat to be the most difficult part. I hope FULLfast will help me with this & solve my portion control problem.
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Diary Shot 8
Meliha, 26 from London
I love to eat middle eastern foods and I tend to graze on unhealthy snacks while at work. Really need help to stay on track with my diet and maintain my healthy eating. FULLfast needs to cure my snacking habits!
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Diary Shot 9
Bhav, 27 from London
I've tried various diets in the past but I tend to get bored with them & cheat. I needed to find a weight loss assistance package which helps with all aspects of dieting. FULLfast seemed the most credible to achieve my dieting goals
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Diary Shot 1
Leila, 33 from New York
I have a crazy schedule as I work in the City whilst also bringing up my 2 year old girl. I need some assitance in cutting down on snacking habits as I don’t always have healthy lunches and can’t find the time for the gym during the week. I need FULLfast to do the hard work for me!
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Diary Shot 2
Ed, 34 from London
I love fine food & wine and tend to overeat a little, especially now I don’t smoke anymore. I’m hoping that FULLfast will cure my consumption and help me get my physique back to fit into all my best suits!
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Diary Shot 3
Ola, 30 from London
I wanted to get slimmer and fitter for Spring and lose my Winter weight in preparation for my holiday. Read Diary »
Diary Shot 4
Jackie, 35 from London
I’ve tried various diets in the past, none work, I’m wary of slimming products. FULLfast is the first one which seems genuine to me. I’m planning to use FULLfast to get down to a size 8 for the summertime parties!
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Diary Shot 5
Jenny, 33 from London
I’ver tried all sorts of diets & other slimming aids, none have worked. I wish I could control my hunger cravings and wear my favourite dresses. I hope FULLfast will help me sheds the lbs I find so difficult to lose
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Diary Shot 6
Joanna, 26 from London
I don’t tend to stick to fitness regimes or diets but this sounded like a good easy way to help me lose those few pounds before I go away on my summer holiday.
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